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36. Privacy Policy

36.1. Personal details and/or personal information and/or identification details (hereinafter, "Personal Information") which the Company receives from you when entering an order are intended for the purpose of product purchase on the Site, and must be free of any errors and/or different inaccuracies that will prevent the safe receipt of your ordered and purchased items.

36.2. Personal information, as well as information on purchases via the Site (hereinafter, "Information"), will be stored in the database of the Site in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, 1981 (Jewish Calendar Year 5731), and will be used in accordance with the provisions of this section and/or the relevant provisions of the law.

36.3. The Company invests greatly in commercial measures to protect the integrity of information and to secure data against unauthorized, third-party access. The gathering and confidential storage is performed in a secured environment. The Company uses a combination of security techniques and procedures and other organizational means to ensure information protection against unauthorized access and/or use and/or disclosure to unauthorized parties within the company and/or to third parties under the contractual and/or relevant legal terms.

36.4. In addition, as detailed in the agreement, the terms and conditions of credit card clearance for transactions via the Site are implemented via a clearing agent and the Company does not retain on its servers any of the credit card information provided by Site users.

36.5. Some of the facilities and/or services provided via the Site require completion of a registration process during which you will be required to provide personal information, and without prejudice to the foregoing, including your full name and your email address (hereinafter, the "Registration"). Accordingly, you hereby declare that the provision of your personal details to the Company during registration is voluntary and with your free consent.

36.6. The company may send you promotional material by email, from time to time, in accordance with the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) (Amendment No. 40) Law, 2008 ("Anti-Spam Law"). The Company is permitted to use the information provided via the Site – and the information collected about site usage patterns – to improve its online services and/or, by whatever other channel it may offer to contact you, if necessary, in compliance with the rulings of the Anti-Spam Law, or for the purpose of analysis and provision of statistical information to third parties. Such third parties and/or their employees and/or their representatives are prohibited from making use of the personal information for any other purpose other than those stated above in this section.

36.7. The company uses cookies and similar technical devices, the purpose of which is essentially the routine and correct functioning of the Site (hereinafter, collectively referred to as "Cookies"), and includes the gathering of site traffic statistics, verification of information, adjustment of the Site experience to your personal preferences, and for information security purposes. As already stated above, the company dedicates considerable resources and adopts varied security protection means to prevent the privacy of users’ personal information from being compromised. Still, the Company cannot hermetically secure the company computers and/or site databases against unauthorized intrusion and illegal use of the information. You therefore hereby declare that you will not file any lawsuit and/or complaint and/or demand and/or claim against us and/or any person or entity representing us, due to such unauthorized intrusion and/or disclosure and/or use of information obtained through the aforementioned intrusions, by virtue of the agreement and/or under the law. We recommend that you take every precaution to protect your information while active online. For example, change your passwords frequently, use a combination of letters and numbers when creating passwords, and be sure to use a secure browser.

36.8. The Company has no interest in obtaining any content or information from you that is confidential or protected by any rights, and you are required to refrain from uploading to the Site or posting there, any such information. Therefore, whatever content or information you provide to the Company and/or publicize via the Site or related channels for advertising purposes (such as, in forums, comments, and so on) will be treated as non-confidential and non-exclusive. You should be aware that by providing content and information for publication, you are awarding to the Company free and unlimited license to display, duplicate, copy, distribute, market, broadcast, and make it publicly available, as well as to use the content and information for whatever other purpose it may judge appropriate. This means that you have no right, and will not have any right in the future to any form of payment for any content you submit to the Company or post to its Site.

36.9. The information you submit is subject to the provisions of the privacy policy in the agreement and/or relevant legal provisions. The Company will avoid, as far as possible, knowingly divulging information to third parties, except for suppliers, and this only to facilitate completion of the purchase transactions you made on the Site, unless obliged to do so by judicial decree and/or if faced with the threat of legal proceedings (criminal or civil) due to action have taken on the Site. In such a case, the Company is empowered to divulge your personal details to the claimant of injury caused by you and/or by judicial order, without prior notice.

36.10. On the Site, there are links connecting to other Internet sites. The company endeavors to link to websites that, to the best of its knowledge, do not violate the privacy of users of other Websites. However, the company is not responsible for the conditions of use and/or privacy policies of other websites, their content, or for all that is associated with or derives from their use. Your use of links to other websites and/or use of other websites is at your own risk.

36.11. Pursuant to these Terms of Use in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, you are entitled to review the information collected and retained by the Company. Furthermore, if the information in the corporate databases is used for personally soliciting you, based on your belonging to a particular population group, as determined by the names of one or more persons included in the database ("solicitation for commercial purposes"), then you are entitled under the Privacy Act, 1981 to demand that all written information pertaining to you be deleted from the database. In such a case, the company will delete any information that is required only for the purpose of making commercial offers to you, as stated above. Information needed by the Company for its business administration, including documentation of your commercial and other activities performed via the Site, will be legally retained by the Company with the proviso that is no longer used for commercially soliciting you.

36.12. The Company is empowered to make occasional changes to its Privacy Policy. If changes are made to this policy that significantly affect the rulings on the use of the information you provided, a formal notice of this fact will be issued on the Site.

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