Terms of use

17. Purchasing Process

17.1. The Site allows users quick and easy online purchasing via PayPal:

 A product must be selected from the catalogue

 Clicking on the product will take the user to the product page

 An item can be added to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Shopping Cart"

 All the selected products can be displayed by clicking "Shopping Cart" or "Checkout"

 The purchase of products in the user’s shopping cart is completed by clicking "Payment".

 Clicking "Payment" takes the user to the user login page. Here, there is the option to register as a “Guest” (occasional customer), or to sign in as a “Registered Customer” (if the customer is already registered). A third option is to register as a “New Customer".

 After login, the "Checkout" page is displayed with a form for completion: In the "Billing Address" section, the customer’s name and address for billing must be provided. The "Shipping Address" section must also be completed and a "Delivery Method" selected – courier or personal collection in Israel or sending abroad by air using the shipping agent with whom the Company works.

 Clicking "Pay Now" transfers the customer directly to the PayPal company website to execute payment.

 Upon entry of the payment details on the PayPal payment execution page, confirmation is emailed to the customer of receipt of the order. This approval does not commit the Site Administrator to supply the products; it is only proof of receipt of the order and its entry into the system by the Site Administrator.

 If it becomes evident that PayPal has not honored its commitment, or that the Company does not have the requested product in stock, the Site Administrator will contact the purchaser either to complete or to cancel the transaction.

 If the payment is made through a PayPal account, the purchaser will be asked to enter the details of the existing account on the PayPal website or, optionally, to open a new PayPal account. The Company will be able to collect payment for the ordered products only after receiving PayPal’s approval. PayPal use and approval is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of PayPal and not of the Site.

17.2. Telephone transactions will be executed using the contact number indicated on the Site in the "Contact Us" area or below the payment table. The following information must be provided to the call center representative: The purchaser’s details: name, ID card, telephone, billing address, and email address, together with full details of the credit card used for the transaction. The precise delivery address (name, telephone number and address of the addressee) must also be provided to the call center representative, if it is different from the billing address. A final order confirmation will be sent only after verification of the credit card indicated in the order and approval by the relevant credit card company.Pending the credit card company’s approval, an appropriate notification will be given to the purchaser. The delivery date will be set with effect from the date of transaction approval by the credit card company.

17.3. To qualify to place an order via the Site, the purchaser must be at least 18 years of age. In the event of registration by a purchaser, who has not yet attained the required minimum age, responsibility for the matter shall be borne by the Site Administration.

17.4. To ensure efficient and correct order processing, care must be taken to accurately supply all the required information on the Site. If, incorrect details are given during order entry, the Company cannot guarantee that the products will reach their intended destination. If the products are returned to the Company because of wrong information, the customer will be charged for the shipping and handling. It is imperative to ensure entry of accurate and up-to-date information.

17.5. The provision of fraudulent and/or false data is a criminal offense, and the Site Administration reserves the right to file a lawsuit and/or claim pertaining to it.

17.6. It is hereby clarified that entry all the requisite information is a pre-condition for processing the transaction.

17.7. The Site Administration makes no use of the customer information, except as provided under the privacy policy of the Site, which is an integral part of these terms of use and purchase.

17.8. All shipping fees are payable together with the payment for the product. In the case of payment by installments, the Site is entitled to charge the shipping fees first.

17.9. Confirmation of the purchase transaction is conditional upon the product actually being in stock at the Company’s warehouses on the requested shipping date and/or at the time of order entry. Moreover, for the sake of clarity, this means that if the product is not in stock and has not been downloaded from the site up to the order date, the Company shall in no way be committed to the sale of the product, and the purchaser shall have no right to file any suit and/or claim in this regard for any form of damage, whether directly or indirectly caused thereby to him and/or a third party. This is conditional upon the Site Administration’s reimbursement to the customer of any amount paid, if indeed payment was made to the Company and/or the Company’s cancellation of any payment already executed. It should here be emphasized and clarified that there may be situations where, although a certain item is displayed on the Site as in stock, it is actually out of stock and cannot be supplied – in such a situation, the transaction will be canceled and the customers will not be entitled to file any claimed in its connection as long as the Company duly reimburses the Customer in the amount paid.

17.10. It is important to note here that the Company will be empowered to refrain from confirming a customer order for any reason whatsoever and at its sole discretion, as in cases where: after submission of the details, the mandatory documents are approved and the customer's agreement is given to the terms of use and privacy policy, the Site Administration is entitled, but not obliged, to show or send updates to the customer via his online account or by email, including content updates, information on company services and products, as well as the services and products of others, bargain deals, and new site features, as clarified in Article 30a of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), 1982 (Jewish Calendar Year 5742).

17.11. It is also important to note here that the Company will be entitled to refrain from approving the order of a customer under conditions that constitute a breach of the current agreement, the terms of any of the mandatory documents or the terms of any other online service offered by the Site.

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