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12. For all products offered for sale on the Site, prices indicated in Israeli Shekels are inclusive of VAT, and prices indicated in US Dollars are free of VAT.Prices of orders for delivery outside Israel do not include VAT; prices of orders for delivery in Israel include VAT.

13. The shipping rates and the identity of the shipping agent will be determined exclusively by the Company, who reserves the right to change them from time to time, at its sole discretion.Unless otherwise stated, the shipping rates will be as follows:
Shipping to destinations abroad within 7-10 business days: $35
Shipping to destinations in Israel within 3-5 business days: NIS50

14. The Company shall make every fair and reasonable effort to work in conformity to the delivery schedules given on this Site, but shall not be held responsible for whatever delays may occur in the supply of goods purchased via the Site, and the purchaser hereby waives the right to file any lawsuit and/or demand and/or claim in respect thereof and/or for any damages incurred thereby.

15. The Company shall not be held responsible for any delay and/or obstacle and/or inability to provide the product due to circumstances that were unforeseeable and/or beyond its control, including but not limited to force majeure, war, riots, embargoes, military or civil disorder, fire, flood, accident, strike, unavailability of raw materials and/or means of transport, lack of fuel and/or energy and/or human resources in the country of shipment and/or receipt of the product, and/or for any delays and/or oversight at the customs authority offices in the country of shipment and/or receipt of the product, and it is hereby empowered to postpone its commitments for a period equivalent to the duration of any such delay.

16. The Company shall not be responsible for payment of customs duties and/or fees and/or any other taxes that may be demanded by the customs authorities in the country of the product’s receipt.

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