Hadad Brothers was established in 1964 as a family business specializing in the art of crafting pure silverware and Judaica. The skill of silver crafting has been in the Hadad family for generations, beginning with Grandfather Hadad, Rabbi of the Tripolitan community in Bnei Brak, who made his living from crafting sliver. The factory was set up by his sons, brothers Tzvi Hadad (of blessed memory) and Haim Hadad (long may he live), and today the third generation of the Hadad family continues the tradition.

The tradition of crafting is passed down in the family from father to son, as was the love of the art of silver design and commitment to superb quality and unique style of each piece.

Each item of Hadad silver is cast with sensitivity and style unique to the artist who brings it to life, from a vision to a beautiful piece of art. At Hadad, everyone can find an item that speaks to his or her heart, or a perfect gift for a special event, family occasion or holiday. Our silverware is produced in a range of styles and designs, both classic and modern, by a variety of artists.

Throughout its years of activity, the company has specialized in the art of creating items of pure silver, integrated silverware and silver-plated pieces. The company’s collections of works of art, based on the meticulous handiwork of Jewish artists, are preserved from generation to generation. Today, the Hadad Pure Silver chain is the world’s largest producer of pure silverware, and its creations adorn houses, hotels, synagogues and Judaica displays in many institutions around the world.

Pure Silver items, the Hadad Brothers’ flagship range, has been crafted with meticulous handiwork and uncompromising quality by Jewish artists for over 50 years. The pieces are stylish in a broad range of styles and characters, from traditional design with detailed engraving, to modern and contemporary design with sleek lines. The range includes luxury pieces of silverware for Shabbat and holidays, such as candlesticks, candelabras, Kiddush cups, Havdalah spice boxes, menorahs and Passover seder plates.

Additional pure silver tableware includes honey dishes, salt cellars and wine decanters.
The design of our silverware fuses tradition, luxury and the art of craftsmanship. The base of each piece in this range is engraved with the Hadad Brothers’ exclusive quality stamp, alongside the Sterling 925 hallmark.
Each piece of pure silverware comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Moreshet series is an exclusive Hadad Brothers development since 2011, offering a range of pieces at prices accessible to all. The Moreshet series includes Judaica made from high quality copper and dipped in a silver bath using a multi-layered technique, giving the item thickness, strength and durability.
The Moreshet series is produced in Israel by Jewish artists (no need for immersion) through meticulous handiwork, using the same process as the Pure Silverware, with identical maintenance and cleaning, and these pieces last for generations.

The products in the The Moreshet series include candlesticks, candelabras, Kiddush cups, hand-washing cups, platters, mezuzahs, Passover seder plates and more.The Moreshet series can be identified by the Moreshet SD999 - Silver Dipped hallmark on the base of each item. Pieces can be engraved with dedications just as pure silver items can be, without harming the thick layer of high quality silver.
The Moreshet series also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Alongside the Pure Silver items and the Moreshet series, Hadad Brothers produces a range of Integrated Judaica. The items in this range are characterized by authentic design, and are made from a combination of silver and materials such as wood, glass, crystal and leather. The combination of these materials with pure silver broadens their appeal and makes room for different styles of design, and for the creation of pieces which are both elegant and useful.

Items in this range include glass wine decanters with a silver platter and twin glasses, a set of serving dishes for dips on a wooden base, challah boards, matchboxes and more. The Integrated Silverware adds a touch of elegance and tradition to every occasion, and these items are especially popular as ornamental pieces at family occasions, or as souvenirs from events and holidays.

The unique devotion to Sefer Torahs and their sanctity has been preserved zealously by the Jewish people for generations, both in Israel and abroad. Hadad produces Sefer Torah covers and ornaments with true religious feeling. Hadad offers Sefer Torah covers by special order, which can be hand decorated with a dedication in the name of a departed loved one or the person donating the Sefer Torah to the synagogue.

The covers are made from pure silver, silver-dipped copper, lacquered silver plating and more. In this collection, Hadad produces a range of complementary items for synagogues, such as rimonim, Sefer Torah crowns, yad pointers and platters for the synagogue.

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